Every job we do takes care and thought not just for the finished product, but for the way we nurture the environment we work in. Have you ever tried to formulate a complicated report on little to no sleep or endeavoured to write a blog post with a house full of needy humans all clamouring for attention?  

Our output requires the deliberate forethought of gentle input and there is nobody for whom this is more important than the makers and creators in our life.

Virginia was right: we all need a room of our own. And when trying to support the creatives in our life, we’ll need a few other things as well. Take a look at the ways we can best care for the makers and creators in our orbit, whether that person is ourself or someone else.

Nurture the Mind

Encourage activities that help clear the mental clutter, increase concentration and direct focus. A little creative stimulation goes a long way as well—to paraphrase Stephen King, If you can’t write, read. It’s amazing how quickly art begets art.

  • Meditate: whether via an app or a more organic kind of practice, even a few minutes of meditation a day can help keep creative energy centred.
  • Check in: text, DM or (gasp) call the creators in your life and see how they are doing in real time.
  • Be a lifelong learner: read, write, listen to podcasts and join groups that facilitate growth and learning.

Nurture the Body

Staying healthy is paramount to staying creative. Avoid burnout and fatigue by building a body that is resilient and strong and able to withstand the demands of being a maker.

  • Eat! Food is fuel. Help the creator in your life eat well with suggestions for meal planning apps, recipes that suit her lifestyle and even the occasional personal delivery of grazable, healthy snacks for when the muse (or the deadline) appears and full meals are simply not possible.
  • Sleep! There’s nothing worse for creativity than sleep deprivation. Banish brain fog by encouraging a maker’s sweet dreams with the help of a regular nighttime routine, a soothing bamboo eye mask, and a guided sleep meditation and music app.
  • Exercise! Get that maker moving. Clear the cobwebs and stay strong with a gentle yoga practice or a high-intensity workout—even walking the dog around the block is enough to ensure your maker gets the benefits of shaking off the stress and getting the blood pumping.

Nurture the Soul

Since all art comes from within, we need that within to be in good shape. Clarity, calm and some good old fashioned external validation foster the security a maker can harness so she can continue making.

  • Walk in nature. There’s a reason that forest bathing is such an esteemed practice for our modern world—it works. Find the nearest nature path and get your creator on it when she needs to take a break and a deep breath.
  • Listen to music. There is almost no bad mood that a good song can’t banish. Share playlists, get your maker a new pair of wireless headphones or when we once again can, go see live music. Talk about soothing the soul.
  • Show her how much you love what she creates. Buy, sell, appreciate and introduce others to the work your creative person is doing. Support her art and you’ll support a more beautiful world.



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