About the

Harlequin Creator Space

The Harlequin Creator Space began with a question: How can we tell the story of how Harlequin supports and celebrates creativity?

For over 70 years, we have been privileged to work with incredible authors, publishing the romance stories that made Harlequin a household name, as well as historical fiction, thrillers, speculative fiction, memoirs and beyond. Across all our teams around the world, we believe that creativity is at the center of everything we do. That philosophy is what drives our innovation and encourages us to expand into new spaces, bringing the Harlequin name to movies, unique digital platforms and more.


With Harlequin Creator Space, we seek to grow again—to provide a space to celebrate anyone who wants to live a creative life. On the Creator Space, you’ll find Harlequin authors celebrating their 100th book, and writers signing their first contract. You’ll find the artists we’re watching and the shows we’re talking about. 


And you’ll find ways to engage and express your own creativity—whether that’s participating in our Tiny Book challenge or taking the first steps to writing your
own Harlequin romance.


The Creator Space celebrates all creators, from established and aspiring Harlequin authors, emerging filmmakers, visual artists or anyone who wants to bring more creativity to their life.  It’s your place to get inspired. It’s your place to play.


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